Find yourself in a hole try this.


Lottery Winner

Have you heard of the cat house key system probably not. what I want to show you is a way to make money! so there are two ways of making money the quick way and the slow way. so what’s the difference between a quick way in the slow way? Well let me tell you what. anything that comes quick goes quick whatever goes up must come down. so if you make money quick what happened it goes away quick. Am I right? Well let’s look at it let me give you a few examples. Let’s look at a few lottery winners. Remember the guy that was over a hundred million dollars and then in a year he was back to exactly where he was before he won the lottery.  this is an example of getting something fast and losing it fast as well. now I’m not saying he change his mind that he might have kept it. but chances are if you didn’t build it on your own you will not be able to keep it. how about the guy that got a raise and was excited because he was no longer going to be broke. talk to him a month later he still got the same problems. Do you know why this is? it is because is blueprint is off and whatever money comes in he will spend just as fast as he gets it.


So you believe me now whatever comes quick right? Well I hope you do at this point if you don’t feel like you have to but if you want to know how to make money and hold on to it Keep reading. alright so let’s talk about this method what is it and how do I do it? basically in My Method all you’re going to do is due at the long slow hard way. Yeah doesn’t sound exciting does it. well it is because like anything in life life goes by quickly and you will soon find that things are looking up for you. And the best thing about it is you don’t go backwards you only go forwards.


So here’s the rules follow these and you will make money over the long run but yes you will continue to grow money and you will not go backwards.


Money Habits

Let’s talk about years successful side. Everyone has a successful side. did you know that most people just never tap into it. What I mean by that is most people doubt themselves. By doubting and I mean seriously there is a lot of lacking in the integrity of people’s minds.  Each of us has very successful side and each of us has a very unsuccessful side. We can capitalize on either side we can also have a little mixture of both or one or the other.


Let’s look at Warren Buffett. You might ask why I want to look at Warren Buffett of all people. It’s not because I like the guy or even because I think he’s a great person. What I do know about Warren Buffett is he is actually a very extreme businessman. Warren Buffett has definitely found a way to be more successful than the average man! He would be the top one percent of the top 1% if that makes any sense to you. What I like to mention about Warren Buffett whenever I talk about him is the fact that he has made billions and billions of dollars doing common things.


Warren Buffett comes from the age of investing holding on to your money holding on to your investments and profiting. It’s really that simple and that’s all he’s done. Warren Buffett has found great businesses that have great return on investment over a long period of time he is not interested in the short game. if you look at Warren Buffett’s portfolio you’ll notice that he has never invested over a short period of time unless he really thought that it wasn’t going to last.By just sticking with it he was able to overcome the curve of poverty. there was something about just staying with a company that he thought was going to be good and grow. I don’t know if you realize this but there was a lot of depression and downturns in the economy when he was invested with these companies. If you go back and look at his portfolio you will realize that he never not even once got out of an investment once he had gotten into a good one even if the economy looked like it was going to fall flat on his face he stuck it out, and even added more money to the lot of those portfolios.


The Auto Detailing Method

Recently we were in Bismarck, ND.

Good old Midwest great plains state on North Dakota, and your wondering why the heck we were there. Bismarck Auto Detailing is actually the reason. You see these guy’s in Bismarck north Dakota are what you would call your car detailing experts….and there my good friends. So yeah maybe i’m a little bias but hey who can blame me right? These guys are not exactly what you would call a fortune 500 company like Yet for a small business in a smaller city they do extremely well. The reasons are clear they follow a lot of the same general rules that a fortune 500 company does. Quintessence I think not. You have yet to meet Mr.Trison.

Sitting down with the detailing crew.

So to find out how a business came be successful in a place like Bismarck, ND we had to ask a few questions.

  • What do you do that your competition does not?
  • How do you stay afloat in small competitive niches?
  • What would you suggest for someone wanting to start a small business?
  1. What we do that our counterparts do not is dump lot’s of money into advertising and social media ads. By doing this we are always in the forefront of our potential customers minds. We really don’t give them a chance to go to anyone else. Kinda like doing this interview. Yes it takes time out of my day, but if I can even reach one potential customer it has been worth it. Chances are it will reach more than that. We don’t really do a whole lot of radio adds, but were more of a results in advance class bring your car down we do the detail then your pay. Trust is a must.
  2. Staying afloat really isn’t, or has not been a problem. Remember we are a small city so if we did bad work it would get around. We do quality work witch I believe has kept us far beyond afloat. More like walking on water!
  3. So if I  was to do it all over again I would spend more! I don’t think I realized the value or investing 100 percent into my business until not to long ago. We tried  to do everything ourselves. While saving money we really weren’t making money. Spend your dollars and you will find yourselves making more. Spend in a big way make in a big way. Just trust that and you will be OK. Now I would make sure you did a little, or rather a lot of research before you spent though.

Big money

Some Pretty cool tips from a Small business now let’s hear from the big dog’s.

So over at IBM unfortunately we were unable so secure an interview. But we were able to go over some data, and here is what we found and believe that these are a few reasons thee a fortune 500.

  • Appearance
  • Intelligence
  • Technology
  • Power
  • Ability to adapt.

Everyone has herd of IBM. What makes them…..them. Well for one they never stopped growing even when they went behind the curtain in the early 2000’s they were developing new tech well beyond it’s time. When you think IBM you think THIS.


But today they are far from those times. We don’t realize it but those clunky things were way way beyond there time. Just like they are now and will continue to be. That is a key in any business you have to stay up on the new and out with the old, or in this fast paced world you will fall behind. Even if your just a detail business in the great plains all the way up to a massive business like IBM you have to continue to grow. What’s that saying: If  your not growing your dyeing, and dyeing in business is easy if you don’t watch out it will be you. Just because you have a success doesn’t mean you won’t have to fight for it tomorrow. Let’s take a look at what IBM is up to now just to prove my point.

Kinda scary right? 

Well we though that the old computers were scary. You have to be on the edge of what’s next in you business, and be willing to spend the extra to grow, and become noticed. You to can be a successful small business just model any big company your like, and you will start to notice results.

Getting referrals

Helping others help you

Networking and Referrals Life Hack

  • Get more leads
  • Close more deals
  • Find more people that trust you
  • Have people looking for you

How are we going to achieve all these things? In our networks often times you find yourself at a dead end. No leads no prospects, and cold calling. Nobody really wants to do the cold calling when there’s a warm call. Yea I will absolutely cold call all day long if I go to. If I can call warm referrals I know it’s money time so I would much rather focus on them. Now the trick is not running out of those. How does that happen?

Making money with money. We have all herd the term takes money to make money. Well there is a lot of truth to that or else it would not be a saying that goes around all the time. Well it’s the same with referring costumers. Takes referrals to get referrals. All to often when I am watching a sales “pitch” I don’t see or hear any new names or numbers being transferred. This is the number one reason you are hitting dead ends. There are 7 billion people on the planet you can’t tell me that your warm customer that you have worked so hard to gain there trust doesn’t know anyone. They know a lot of people and they with a little help from you they would probably pass of at least a couple of warms leads to you. You just have to do one thing…. ASK!! You have to make it a point to ask for leads from your warm referrals and wallah you have more warm leads.

Close more deals. You’ll find yourself closing more and dialing less. With customer referrals you can get a lot farther in this thing. You can’t expect to win them all be you need to get more contacts. Keep going back to your warm leads gain that trust. Continue working with the clients you sold to. They should know you, and like you at this point if you treated them right. And I am sure you put them in a great deal. You just need to stay in the front of there mind and they will keep talking about you. You will have people start coming to you that already trust you because there “friends” have told them about you. The more you get talked about from these referrers you need to keep feeding them. Give, give, give and they will give back. I love these kinda people if you ever find them keep them close, and your business will explode.

Just make sure your keep following up with people and build a network of people that trust you, and hopefully you will never ever have to make cold calls again. They should all be just looking for your help if you do it right.

Thanks to your webpage your now a world wide seller!

Speaking of aiming higher.

The world is your playground. Small businesses in small towns can be big timing it now day’s. What I mean by that is you really don’t have to sell just locally!

The world is your playground

In the website arena you can dominate your market place easily, and using your income from your small local market you can literally make the world your playground! I find this exiting, you should too.

What are the steps I need to take to become a successful world wide seller?

First thing you need to know is it can take time to rank your small business in a world wide market. Second when and if you do you need to be ready for an explosion like never seen before in your small town. Ask yourself can I really handle that many orders? There are lots of examples of small businesses out there that have become pretty huge. Let’s look at an interview of one. This will give you the insight from a business that exploded.

This woman in the video is just a normal woman that aimed for the stars, yet kept it real. She is a real human, and yes she has real issues to deal with in her life. The point is you don’t have to me a Michael Jackson, or a Grant Cardone. You can be…. well you.  This woman started in her apartment, yet ended out with a 2 billion dollar business. WOW!

To my point

Step one: Find out how to create a desire. ( something people can’t seem to live without).

Step two: Find out how to get noticed.

Step three: Make sure you can deliver.

Let’s talk about delivering. You wanna be a big shot! You have to be able to deliver like a big shot. What I mean is if you can’t deliver the goods to the consumer (remember we live in a fast pass world) then why are you trying to reach the consumer. Don’t mess with people they hate it when you build up there desire, while not delivering! I for one don’t like it.

The Trick.

Don’t eat the cake before you cook it! In other words that make more scene; Don’t try to be at the finish line before you start the race. Build your business in stages. It should grow in little painful stages. Here is what we do.

  • We get to a comfortable spot then realize we are ready to grow.
  • We expand, cry, piss and moan because it’s hard, and yes we have to overcome problems.
  • Finally we settle in again and realize we are comfortable.
  • WE THEN EXPAND-CRY-PISS AND MOAN……because you get the point.
  • Filling good
  • expand
  • filling great
  • grow
  • fill like we got it
  • get bigger

This is how you should attack you business growth. This would be an example of how to fail.

  • Grow stress out
  • Grow more freak out.
  • Bigger yet….Mind exploding
  • Can’t deliver FAIL!!!

Or here’s the most common one

  • Grow a little
  • Stop get comfy
  • Stay there this is easy
  • Ah
  • Zzz
  • Why am I not making any money?

Really you do need to put in the effort to grow but also you need the breaks to make sure you are properly attending to your customers, and delivering satisfaction. Then once you get all cozy don’t stop expand. It’s always hard on your work force, yet it keeps them busy, and maybe overwhelms them, but a good employee enjoys the challenge. This is really what a lot of small businesses don’t do that you should and would make you that much different than them setting yourself apart making you the winner.

Betty’s watching

AimLooking around,

Ever notice that there’s the wealth,and then there are a few that are pretty much untouchable? So the question was,or rather is what do some do different than other’s? Well not much. Did you know that the average millionaire works about the same amount of hours, and some less than the standard 9-5’er. Weird concept, or rather hard to understand how “they could work about the same amount or less and make 20 times more. Right?

The D I F F E R E N C E

So whats the diff. What bothers right!! Simple the aim. 😉 That’s the difference theses guys and gall simply just aim higher and in return reciprocate higher yields. If your aim is to low you’ll never grow.  Think of an archer. If a target is close it’s easy you just point and BANG! Nail on the head Bull’s eye. Now think of an archer that is farther from his target. First the target looks smaller, and he can’t just point and fire. He has to set his aim higher than the target and try to arch his arrow in. Two thing’s you learn here it’s the same arrow the same archer but two different targets. Think of the first ans the easy wheezy stuff. Why aim there you know you can hit it. Maybe you’ll end up throwing quit a number of arrows at the farther target but eventually you’ll hit it. That’s the first thing you can learn from the archer the second is this; The target seems smaller and harder to reach, but the fact is it is the same size. Yeah maybe it’s a little harder but it’s the same amount of work you;ll end up putting into it. Same bow same arrow. Just work at it longer, and your reward will be far greater.


When ever I give my archer speech people seem to get a wee bit fired up and ready to go out there, and aim for fortune. This will be my disclaimer. Remember it takes more “arrows” time. Don’t ever give up eventually you will hit your target. Please don’t blame people if you don’t make it to where you thought you were headed. The only one to blame would be yourself. Focus is key never take your eye off the target. Know what happened, and why you missed each time and you will narrow down the ways not to hit it and eventually you will make the mark. The more you hit your goals the easier it will become for you. You will be better at those “long shots”.

And Finally

  This might come across as funny, but there is some truth to it. I always say aim high. Some take that as strait up. Remember if you aim too high the arrow will go strait up and back down on your head. Have goals, yet have somewhat of a reality behind everyone. Go for the moon if you want it the worst that might happen is you make a few million.

Writer, Betty Willson

Phish posh and Polish

Bling is a thing.

For what ever reason we through the word value at something that has bling. Bling is just a word for bright shiny object! Funny how that works though nothing is worth anything in our minds unless it’s shiny and has a huge price tag. It’s the truth though and this is something that we are looking at to day and wanted to share so enjoy the Phish posh of the Polish.Phish Posh and polish

Notice the picture one shoe looks complexly different than the other, yet the only difference is one is polished.

 Here is an example of what one might perceive as different yet it’s the same thing. You’ll notice how the polish brings out the littlest details. It’s human nature to like the shiny stuff. Yeah, you can say your different. Look at it this way if someone offered you a piece of gold or….. a piece of leather what would you choose? So your not int the shiny stuff? RIGHT!! It’s pretty simple really shiny = Worth(value).

This is the reason your here.

Learn about how you can change how people perceive things based on the “shiny” theory. I’m not going to lie about this. Please Do NOT use this on people for sport. Karma’s a bee sting!! On the other hand please notice something about people. If you shine things up there a heck of a lot easier to sell. You yourself probably buy stuff purely off the way it looks at the current moment.

Be the Polisher 

One sure fire way to save some money it when your looking for something nice. Look for used stuff and look at the dull stuff. use your imagination and try to think of how it would look shiny and new. Remember chances are you will be able to get it back to that state with little effort. You’ll feel great about your purchase, and now surly you will add value to your life.